Saturday, 21 April 2012

Oh Markers, How I Love Thee!

My Marvelous Markers arrived! Yippee! I'm sooo excited! They've actually been here for a while, I just haven't had a chance to play with them. But, I took a picture!

To me, these are a big ticket item. Up there with the Big Shot. Stampin' Up! gives demonstrators a 15% discount (on top of our demonstrator discount) on 1 item during their birthday month. I was torn between getting a die for the Big Shot and getting the markers.  After much deliberation and conversations with my upline and sidelines, I opted for the markers.  I'm so happy I did...even though they're still untouched BUT I have opened them now and added in my In Colour markers to the bunch. I'll have to do some rearranging of my workspace to give them a more permanent home rather than being just smack in the middle of my table.  I could really use a dedicated stamp room but since we live in a very small home, I have to suffice with sharing my stamp room with my bedroom. I know there are many other bedroom stampers out there (and probably even some closet stampers!).  That just gives me more time to "pin" ideas for my future stamping space.  I did make a trip to the coast last weekend so had a quick 90 minute run through Ikea. (90 minutes in Ikea is a lifetime to my husband but a blink to me.)  I came out with more than I can say BUT I got some of those Bygel rails that Mary Fish has in her Ultimate Stamp Space. I'm planning to mount them on the wall for my punches to be more visible. Right now they're in a clear rubbermaid bin so I can sort of see them but it's pretty noisy sorting through it at 11pm at night (and my son's bedroom is right below my area).  Maybe once I get them up I'll do a tour. It'll be the shortest tour ever! 

I've completed a few Mojo Monday's recently but keep forgetting to post them to the Mojo Monday blog! I also have a TON of photos to upload so I can have some fresh projects for this ol' blog here! Check back tomorrow sometime. I'm hoping to have some fresh cards and other stampalicious projects up!

Take Care and sorry for blabbing,


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  1. I would be very happy to get the Marvelous Markers, too, and I would blab longer I'm sure!! So exciting to have so many of the colours. I'm still trying to build my stamp pad inventory and paper, too.