Friday, 3 August 2012

A Cup o'Tea

Are you wondering what that thing is? 

Does this help? We're getting closer to solving this mystery...

Yep, it's a tea cozy. A GIANT tea cozy, mind you. I guess the bigger the tea pot, the bigger the cozy. And this is a pretty big teapot. It's the portmerior collection by Sophie Conran. We held my BFF's bridal shower on the weekend so I bought her this teapot (well, this one's mine, but I bought her one of her own) and then made a tea cozy to fit it. Yes, I sewed. I'm not really much of a sew-er (did you know if the hyphen isn't there it says SEWER?!?!) I worked until late into the evening in my sweat shop (aka upstairs craft space) and got 'er done. I also made this cute tag to go with it. It says "handmade by me" on the back, just in case my sloppy sewing didn't give me away :)

You might be wondering why I didn't use Stampin' Up! fabric. I tried. Really I did. It just wasn't big enough though. I needed 28" wide and SU was only 21". It just.wouldn' Sigh.

I made this tag with the From My Heart stamp set, apothecary accents framelits, and the cool new paper piercing templates. Those are GREAT! I coloured my stamp with markers and then stamped and cut it out (yes, by hand). Easy peasy. I added some large pearls to add a touch of class.

What do you think? Would you be proud to have your teapot so modernly adorned?




  1. LOVE!! Looks great :) The word you are looking for is "seamstress" ;)

  2. I realized that later, but I thought sewer was to good to not comment on.