Monday, 11 June 2012

A Day of "First's"!

Today started out with an exciting event! My baby girl, Lucia (11.5 months), took her first steps today! Then the day proceeded to go downhill. I slammed my finger in the door, and then, worst of all, Mason (almost 3) got stung/bit by a yellow jacket TWICE on his EYELID. Worst place to get bit I think. He's quite swollen (up his ear and everything) so he's having a rest and sleeping off the Benadryl. Hopefully the reaction won't last long. :( 

I'm really getting into Birthday Mode though as Lucia will be one on June 27th and Mason will be three on July 18th! Lots of planning to do! Here's part of Mason's first birthday (the gift part)!!

 He did play with the toys a bit, but it was all about the big wagon box. We actually did use the wagon. It helped keep the box from falling over. 

Enjoy your Monday. Ugh, Monday's.  I'm going to have a little rest with Mason and hopefully when we wake up, it'll just be fun for the rest of the day :)


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  1. Exciting about Lucia! You go, little girl!! Poor Mason and poor Tamara! Not so nice. Hope you both recover soon. I love the colours and designs on your layout. I have to update my scrapbooking skills so I can help my customers with more ideas! These MDS updates are helping a lot. Thanks so much for posting them!