Thursday, 21 June 2012

Have you heard of the Bag-a-lope?

Quick post today as our family is fighting the stomach flu. Yuck.

This is a bag-a-lope:
 It's a little bag made out of an envelope.  Easy to do. This one is filled with embellishments. It was the "goodie" bag from my rubber rummage sale. If you showed up, you got one. Simple as that.

Here's another view:
 This one's not sitting flat for some reason, or maybe the goodies inside are leaning forward.

Here's a quick how-to:
1. Seal envelope

2.  Trim off (or in my case, punch) one of the short sides to create the opening.

3. Wheel to your hearts content. (Or stamp all over)

4. Score the other three sides (not the open end) at 1". Fold and crease.

5. Manipulate so the bottom goes flat and the sides angle in.

6. Add front embellishments

7.  Fill with treats or goodies.

8. Use a hole punch and then tie ribbon through to hold shut

9. Give to your favorite someone :) 

Pictures would be helpful. Head over to Split Coast Stampers to see the tutorial.

Enjoy your day! It's gonna be a hot one here.


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