Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dreamin' of Summa time

Apparently it's spring. I haven't evidenced a whole lotta spring happening though. There's a bit; tulips are poking up, grass is starting to green, the mud is gone (hurrah), but I'm still feeling the chill. I have the heat on. I'm warming up with a cup o' Earl Grey. But I know spring will make it's grand appearance and then SUMMER. I'm definitely a summer girl. (Maybe a little less now that I have kids and I can't just relax and read a book lounging on the beach ;)

The photos in today's page were taken at a somewhat-local exhibition that happens every September long weekend. Living on a farm, we have an affinity for tractors and even with all the other events and shows going on, the tractors are a big hit with us.

Have a peek:

Mason was almost 14 months here - a super fun age! He thought the tractors were great! (as did we all!) I have WAY more photos of him on various JD's (John Deere for all you cityfolk) but I didn't want to overcrowd. Maybe I'll do a 2nd page coordinating layout with some of the others.

Anyways, boy, was he a trooper. It's a pretty long day starting with a 90 minute drive to the fair and then walking around all day (which he was either walking, in the stroller, or in the wagon), and then another drive home.  Not to mention that it's usually pretty hot and you're in the dust. Thinking back now, this was a super fun day and I'll have to scrapbook some other moments too. Looking at the animals and the petting zoo were some other highlights!

Hope you're having a great start to your day! Yay for Wednesday. My weekend blew by but now it's already mid-week again! 

Take Care!



  1. This is a great layout Tamara! I like how the focal point is a big circle matching the wheel of the JD. Great colour choices too.

  2. Thanks! This was a fun page to create! This is another layout I CASE'd from the MDS Course by Heather Summers. I changed the colours/patterns to suit my photos.