Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Productive Morning!

Yaa for Saturday! While I wasn't able to sleep in today (our 2.5 year old gave us a 6:45am wake up call!) I DID manage to create 4 cards today! One for my mom, a dear friend who has been quite sick, a stamp club member who was injured at work, and my big brother who is in the hospital after some complications from surgery earlier in the week! Now I just need to pop some stamps on them and send them off!

I'm not going to feature any of those cards today as I don't want to COMPLETELY ruin the surprise for the recipients (just in case they ever read my blog). 

What I am going to share today is a page I created in MDS:

 Anyways, this page is super cute. Heather Summers is a pretty amazing woman and I am so grateful that she's willing to share her pages and tips with us! I completely and utterly LOVE this photo of Mason and me. He was "tolerating" a kiss from me but wasn't about to return it! The journaling details some of the things I love about him and I hope he'll treasure my words when he's all grown up :)

I'm sad to say I'm a little behind in the scrapbook class. I've completed 11 of 20 pages! Eek. That's sure a lot better than if I hadn't joined the class (which you can too if you like), but I had hoped to do one page a day. Maybe I'll be able to catch up a bit over the weekend.

I hope YOU have a productive day doing what you want!!


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