Friday, 2 March 2012

Fun with Decor Blocks

GASP! Two posts in one day!

The main reason for this post is that I wanted to upload some photos onto my Facebook site but the uploader is taking forever so I thought I'd just put them up here instead!

I made these for a friend's baby shower. She didn't know what the baby's gender was beforehand so they're kind of gender neutral colours.

 Sorry they aren't the best photos. Yes, I took them on my kitchen chair. I had just wrapped them up and then remember I didn't take a pic. I unwrapped them, snapped these photos, and wrapped them back up while trying to make it to the shower on time!

The idea is that you can put some photos on the blocks as well to be a nice keepsake of your baby/family/dog whatever. (In this case it would be baby hence the "BABY" letters)



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