Saturday, 19 May 2012

Party Time!

I hope you don't mind another MDS page from me today! I have photos of cards on my camera but haven't downloaded them to my PC yet. I'm SO excited! 3 of my girlfriend's from elementary school are coming up this weekend! They should be here within 2 hours! Yippee! My husband graciously released me from Mommydom for the night so I get to spend the night at a local resort right on the lake with three of my best buds!!! I'll have to show you what I made for them once I get it all together. (That's one of the 165 things left to do in the next 2 hours!) It's super cute!

Something else that's cute.....a little baby sized sombrero on my Mason's noggin'! I LOVE these pictures and thought that using a photo as my own customized 12x12 background paper would be perfect! This is a layout from Heather Summer's (of course). 

Enjoy your Saturday!


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