Thursday, 3 May 2012

Squash Fold Card

I realized that I have a BUNCH of projects I haven't shared with you. The SHAME! Time to get crackin'. 

So, this is a Squash fold card or an Amazing Fold Card. Whichever you prefer. I like the sound of Squash and I like the squashing action that needs to occur in order to create this squashtastic card. (Let's see how many times I can use the word "squash" in this post shall we?)

We'll start at the end. Here's the finished project:
 Yes, this is from Easter. And no, I didn't give it to anyone. In fact, (here's my sob story of the day) I made 9 similar to this (just 3x3 cards - don't get to emotional) to give to my hubby's aunts and uncles at our Easter dinner. I spent a whole nap time on Easter Sunday working to get them done. I brought them to dinner and FORGOT TO HAND THEM OUT. So, they're in a little ziploc bag on my work table and I will (If I remember). Who are they to know that this stamp is *gasp* retired (or retiring I should say)?!?!?!

Are you crying? I didn't think so. Moving on....back to the squash fold.

Here's step 1:
You start with a square piece of card stock. I used 4 x4. You can use any size but I wouldn't recommend going smaller than about 3x3 otherwise it gets pretty tiny. I was going to make a gnome joke but I won't.

Fold your card stock in half both ways. Just wait, the squash is coming soon...
Then fold corner to corner. You will have completed 3 folds of the squash fold card.

Next, you SQUASH it! (I bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?) It's kind of like those Chinese fortunes we used to make in Elementary school. You may have to manipulate it a bit, but just play around with it and eventually it'll just squash.

This part's important: Make sure your squash card opens at the bottom right. I'll show you why.

Otherwise, your insides will be upside down. 

There you have it! A Squash Fold or Amazing Fold card. Which name do you like better? Have you squashed anything lately (I'm teaching my son to kill red ants. Not black, just red ones.  They're mean.) OH- if you're wondering how the Calypso Coral card stock ended up being green, I used re-inkers. JUST KIDDING! I started out using Calypso Coral and then changed my mind and went with Pear Pizzazz. It just seemed like a better colour for a He Is Risen card.

16. That's how many times the word "Squash" is in this post (including variations like "squashtastic"). 

Have a great day!

If you're wondering why I'm so crazy lately, it's because I'm writing these posts late at night when I won't be interrupted a hundred times. I also have to make my own fun since a TON of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators (including my awesome upline Desiree) are in Florida at Walt DisneyWorld for the 2012 incentive trip! I'm hoping to earn a trip one of these days! But until, then I write about squash.



  1. you are squasherrific and squashermazing!